Bitfenix Ghost - Exterior

As most silent cases, Bitfenix Ghost is of very minimalistic and solid design. Its surface is treated with NanoChrome coating which provides plastic and metal with uniform look. It's also more resistant to fingerprints. Front door is completely solid, only Bitfenix logo is visible.

Bitfenix GhostBitfenix Ghost - Front

Side panels are solid as well. No ventilation holes or extrusions. One of the most unique aspects of Ghost is its arch-like bottom part under which Alchemy LED strips can be installed to give a really unique look. On the back there's a 120 mm fan, 3 liquid cooling holes, 7 PCI expansion slots, some ventilation and a standard place for a bottom-mounted power supply.


On the bottom side besides power supply there's a place for 120 or 140 mm fan covered with easily removable dust filter.

Bitfenix Ghost has two USB 2.0, two USB 3.0, microphone and audio connectors on top as well as power, reset switches and power/HDD activity LEDs. Behind them there's the S4 hot swap bay and a large ventilation hole covered with dust filter which can be replaced with a solid plastic cover.

BottomFront Panel I/O Connectors

S4 SATA hot swap bay supports both 3.5" and 2.5" drives. SATA3 connector is used which means one can use a fast SSD with no performance penalty. When hot swap bay is not in use, SATA connector can be covered with the included cover to protect from dust and other possible damages.

The top dust filter can be easily removed by pushing its one end. Bitfenix took some heat for making a silent case that lets out all the noise through top. They have listened to complaints and included an alternative solid plastic cover which can reduce noise when no top fans or water cooling is used.

Bitfenix S4Top Vents

With top dust filter removed we can see space for a single 200/230 fan or two 120/140 mm fans, or a 240 mm radiator. If no cooling is used on top, one can put the alternative cover on.

TopBitfenix Ghost Top Cover

Bitfenix Ghost front door can open both ways or even be removed completely. On the sides of the door the are some ventilation holes to allow front fan get some air in.

Bitfenix Ghost DoorVents

Bitfenix Ghost has three 5.25" bays and one external 3.5" bay as well as a 120 mm fan. With front dust filter removed internal bay can be seen. Now let's take a closer look inside.

Front BaysFront Bays

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