A Closer Look - Outside

 Chieftec Dragon DX-02B is quite an unique looking case. First things that draw attention are top front door, which remind of original Dragon, huge top vents and smooth curves around them, as well as edgy front side.


The front is quite unique. Mainly because of its door, which hide 2.5"/3.5" bay area. Front door have some ventilation holes, which are visible from the bottom. 5.25" covers are meshed and can be easily removed thanks to latchets on the sides. The only branding is Chieftec logo on the top front part.

In the back DX-02B has a 120 mm fan preinstalled, 8 ventilated expansion slots, two water cooling tube holes on the top, as well as two on the bottom, surrounded by ventilated area. Also note the top fan switches above the rear fan.

Chieftec Dragon DX-02B - Front Chieftec Dragon DX-02B - Back

Left side panel is quite unique. It has two small windows and a place for 200 mm fan. Right panel has something that looks like reinforcements, which, having case dimensions in mind, might come in useful. Both panels have large rises, which provide more space for cable management and taller CPU cooler.

Chieftec Dragon DX-02B - Left Chieftec Dragon DX-02B - Right

Front door accommodate two 120 mm blue LED fans with dust filters and allow very easy installation of HDDs and SSDs. Unfortunately, the door are not reversible. Installing or removing hard drives require only to push a lever and the whole mechanism can be taken out with ease.

Case has one USB 3.0, one eSATA, two USB 2.0 ports and, of course, microphone and headphone jacks. From a Case of this class and price, we would expect to see at least two USB 3.0 ports. Above front connectors stands subtle power on and reset buttons along with HDD activity LED, which, by the way, glows in orange. Which is kind of weird, considering case comes with two blue LED fans.

Chieftec Dragon DX-02B Front Bays and Fans Chieftec Dragon DX-02B Connectors

 Top vents give this case a truly unique look. They do have some reinforcing bars, which should protect them in Case one decides to put something heavy on top. Underneath the vents hide two 200 mm fans, which push hot air up top.

Chieftec Dragon DX-02B Top Chieftec Dragon DX-02B Top Vents

With top cover removed, we can see two 200 mm exhaust fans. They can be controlled to run on high, medium speed or be turned off completely. In the front there's a large cutout for front panel cable management. DX-02B supports triple (360) water cooling radiators mounted on the top.

Chieftec Dragon DX-02B Top Fans chieftec-dragon-dx-02b-top-bare

 DX-02B has large 24 mm height feet with rubber washers. Both PSU and bottom fan spots have separate, easily removable dust filters.

Chieftec Dragon DX-02B Bottom Chieftec Dragon DX-02B Bottom Filters

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