The Verdict

Let's sum up what Chieftec Dragon DX-02B has or has not to offer. It is a large case with spacious interior, lots of room for cable management, excellent build quality and very convenient HDD installation process, including two hot swap bays. However, it is strange that Chieftec didn't manage to make tool-less adapter for 2.5" too. CPU cooler, Video Card length and PSU support is good, but nothing out of the ordinary. Extended water cooling support for 360 rad is something that should interest enthusiasts. At least those who are tired of pop brands. Support for up to 4 Graphics Cards also shows that this case is targeted at enthusiasts and hardcore gamers. Then there's powerful cooling system with a total of 5 fans included and ability to expand it with 2 more.

The fan switches are a nice bonus, but they could have been implemented in a better way. There's no point in having two switches - both fans could be connected to a single, as far as I can see. And having them in the back isn't very convenient as well. Moving on, while eSATA gives extra points, the lack of second USB 3.0 port takes them away. The case is well protected from dust and with top fans running at low speed is reasonably quiet. Turning them up to max, though, makes quite some noise. Then again, these fans do make a huge airflow. Finally, being picky, I'd like to see either sleeved or black-themed cables to match the black interior of the Case.

Having all that said, Chieftec Dragon DX-02B does have several design issues, which could be easily fixed. But its size, quality, feature set and performance make it one decent Case and great bang for buck at 100 EUR price point.

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