Test Results


Deepcool Frostwin V2.0 Test 3.7 GHz

Starting at 3.7 GHz, Frostwin V2.0 take third/second place along with Neptwin, less than a degree after Scythe Ashura.

Deepcool Frostwin V2.0 Test 4.2 GHz

At 4.2, Deepcool Frostwin V2.0 slips to the fourth place, but still holds a healthy 2°C advantage over Prolimatech Megahalems Rev. C.

Deepcool Frostwin V2.0 Test 4.5 GHz

At 4.5 GHz Frostwin V2.0 remains between SilverStone Argon AR01 and Prolimatech Megahalems Rev. C. Cooler shows great performance and price ratio, but not so good performance and size ratio. Now let's see if it's noisy.

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