A Closer Look

Deepcool Gammaxx S40 stands out with its round shaped fan with blue blades and black frame. With the fan removed we see a compact tower type heatsink. Standing at 143 mm tall, Gammaxx S40 should fit in slimmer than usual cases. Even though it's a budget cooler, Gammaxx S40's heatsink is fully nickel-plated to protect from oxidation and maintain efficiency over time. This shows Deepcool hasn't sacrificed quality, despite cooler's low price of $30.

 Deepcool Gammaxx S40 Deepcool Gammaxx S40 Heatsink

 Cooler has four 6 mm diameter U-shaped nickel-plated copper heatpipes, nickel-plated aluminum fin array and a small auxiliary heatsink.

Gammaxx S40 - front Deepcool Gammaxx S40 - Side

On the top there's Deepcool's logo, heatpipes sticking out and many rectangular cut outs. These, by the way, go through all the fins. According to Deepcool, this design feature allows to cool surrounding motherboard components, mainly VRM. Also note small fan cut outs on the sides. Two fans can be installed.

Cooler comes with thermal compound pre-applied.

Deepcool Gammaxx S40 - TopDeepcool Gammaxx S40 - thermal compound

 With the paste removed exposed copper heatpipes can be seen. Their surface is rough as it usual is on direct touch heatpipes, but fairly even.

Deepcool Gammaxx S40 - Base

Bowl shaped fan is probably the most unique feature of Gammaxx S40. Technically it's a 120 mm fan from the intake side, but it narrows on the other side. This, in theory, should increase pressure. The fan is PWM controlled and spins at between 900-1600RPM with noise rated at up to 26.1 dBA.


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