AllAboutAdapters USB Analog TV Tuner Video Recorder for Older Win7 Vista XP PC for NTSC North America Region

AllAboutAdapters USB Analog TV Tuner Video Recorder for Older Win7 Vista XP PC for NTSC North America Region

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Product Description

This is a 2-in-1 USB TV tuner and USB video capture device for older Window XP/Vista or Win 7 system. Transforming older PCs into a TVR for analog cable TV or home AV devices to be connected with their PC for viewing/recording purpose.

Multiple Video Inputs
Any video device such as DVD player, cable box, satellite receiver, game console with RCA or S-Video output can be connected to a PC for viewing or recording purpose through this USB TV video capture device.

RF Coax To USB Converter For CATV Satellite
This USB TV tuner can decode analog cable TV or satellite TV out channels or modulated RF signals into digital MPEG format for viewing or recording through the USB connection with a PC.
[Note]: This is an analog cable TV tuner for North America or areas using NTSC system. It can not support antenna input for over the air channels. 

PC-Based TV Video Recorder
This USB TV tuner also doubles as an advanced PC-based digital video recorder using its bundled TVR software. Users can easily program their PCs to record any analog basic cable TV programs with advanced scheduling on any particular day, daily or weekly. 

Digitize Personal Video Collection
Users can import the video feeds from VCR or camcorder and convert the older V8 or Hi8 VHS tapes to digital DVD format for archiving personal video collection.

Picture-On-Picture Viewing
This device also allows users to browse on the internet or work on the PC while watching TV, DVD or recorded video playback at the same time. 
The TV video screen will be always on top of the computer screen and the TV video window can be relocated to any location on PC screen.

Camera Live View On PC Screen
Users can connect any CCTV camera, microscope or camcorder to this USB adapter installed on an older PC for viewing or recording camera feeds into the hard drive for playback later.

Product Features

  • Supports multiple inputs including coax, composite RCA, S-video and stereo audio. Captures or converts analog video/audio into PC in digital format for storage or disc production. Supports recording from cable, satellite receiver, DVD player, game console, CCTV camera and store the recorded content into PC for playback, editing, etc. Smooth video/audio streaming through USB 2.0 connection.
  • Analog NTSC TV tuner for basic cable channels from wall outlet or UHF/VHF channels from set top boxes. Advanced PC-based USB video frame capture device for importing video feeds into PC. Full-featured digital TVR and MPEG video recorder. Excellent RF to USB converter solution for cable TV, satellite receiver or video modulator.
  • Movable and resizable TV/Video windows. Supports the Picture-On-Picture. TV/Video window always stays on top of the computer screen. Featured with 4x4 matrix for TV channel preview  Supports 16:9 wide-screen and 4:3 ratio for the sub video window size. Supports Time-Shifting function to pause, rewind, and fast forward live TV, replay a scene or skip the commercials.
  • Supports customizing favorite TV channel list. Video recording in AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2 and MPEG4. Maximum recording resolution at 720x480 pixels @ 30 fps for NTSC or 720x576 @25 fps for PAL/SECAM system. Advanced scheduling for automatic recording of any TV program on weekly basis or one-time only.
  • Supports snapshot function to take still pictures of video theme. Full-function IR remote controller included for easy operation. Auto shut-down your PC per scheduled timer set in the software (sleep timer) or through the remote controller supplied. Supports Windows 7, Vista, XP 

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