Bose Free Space 51 Outdoor In-Ground Speakers (Green) - 31763

Bose Free Space 51 Outdoor In-Ground Speakers (Green) - 31763

by Bose
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Product Description

Place them By the pool, on the deck or in the garden. Bose free space speakers are Our best-performing and most versatile outdoor speakers. Connect them to your existing audio equipment and enjoy exciting stereo sound over a wide listening area. You can place them on or in the ground, so they're a great alternative to mounting speakers to your home. And they're designed to stay outside all year long. The flexibility of free space 51 speakers allows you to partially bury them in the ground or easily install them on Hard surfaces. The speaker base has three mounting holes for solid and secure placement. Grooves on the underside of the base allow you to neatly tuck in wires. This ensures that the wire doesn't cause rocking and provides a simple and professional-looking installation on a deck or patio. With meticulous design and rewarding performance, free space 51 speakers are an ideal choice for outdoor listening pleasure.

Product Features

  • Downward firing 4 1/4 full range driver.Dimensions Each speaker:36 cm H x 32 cm W x 32 cm D
  • Innovative radial design disperse sound in a 360 degree pattern and centrally located port enhances low frequency performance to deliver the depth and richness of music outdoors
  • Rugged, flexible design withstands temperatures from 40 to +150 degrees Fahrenheit, and passed the rigorous salt fog test 66 percent longer than required by the Marine Industry Standard
  • Recommended power 10 100 watts and withstands up to 350 pounds of pressure
  • Base flange with mounting holes for easy installation

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