Dali Oberon 7 Floor Standing Speakers in Light Oak (Pair)

Dali Oberon 7 Floor Standing Speakers in Light Oak (Pair)

by Dali
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Product Description

With the launch of the DALI OBERON loudspeaker series, Dali has picked the best elements from their current speakers and brought them together in a series that delivers on audio quality, looks and versatility.

This large floor-standing OBERON 7 speaker features 2 x 7" wood fibre SMC based woofers and an oversized 29 mm ultra-lightweight soft dome tweeter.

This, combined with the large but elegant cabinet, delivers the very best in deep bass and large room performance. Despite its size, this speaker is surprisingly delicate and will impress with its ability to render any music style naturally and lifelike even at lower volumes. This makes the OBERON 7 perfect for almost any audio setup and any music or movie style.

With the OBERON 7, Dali has made it easy to integrate your loudspeakers into any room. Both the driver materials and geometry applied in the OBERON 7 has been selected to achieve a wide dispersion pattern in the listening area. The same principles have been applied in the design of the crossover.


  • Frequency Range [+/- 3] dB [Hz]: 36 - 26,000
  • Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) [dB]: 88.5
  • Nominal Impedance [ohm]: 6
  • Maximum SPL [dB]: 110
  • Recommended Amplifier Power [Watt]: 30 - 180
  • Crossover Frequency [Hz]: 2.300
  • Crossover Principle: 2-way
  • High Frequency Driver: 1 x 29 mm soft dome
  • Low Frequency / mid-range Driver(s): 2 x 7"
  • Enclosure type: Bass reflex
  • Bass Reflex Tuning Frequency [Hz]: 39.5
  • Connection Input(s): Single
  • Recommended placement: Floor
  • Recommended Distance from rear wall to speaker's rear panel [cm]: 20 -80
  • Dimensions of Single Speaker (H x W x D) [inches]: 13.7 x 7.8 x 12.3
  • Weight of Single Speaker [kg/lb]: 14.8 / 32.5
  • EAN of Single Unit: 5703120109671
  • MPN of Single Unit: OBERON 7 LGT OAK

Product Features

  • The driver materials, crossover design and geometry applied in the OBERON series has been selected to achieve a wide dispersion pattern.
  • The rounded edges and rustic fabric of these new DALI front grilles add a lighter and more contemporary visual look to the OBERON series.
  • The OBERON woofer features a wood fibre cone with a blend of fine grain paper pulp, reinforced with wood fibres, which creates a stiff, light-weight and well-behaving structure.
  • In combination with a low-loss surround and spider suspension, this cone reproduces the micro details in the signal - unfiltered and with high accuracy.
  • The iron pole piece of the OBERON woofer magnet is crowned by a patented SMC disk - minimizing the negative effects of the iron.

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