IOGEAR 2-Port KVMP Switch with USB 2.0 Hub and Audio, GCS1802

IOGEAR 2-Port KVMP Switch with USB 2.0 Hub and Audio, GCS1802

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IOGEAR 4-Port KVMP Switch with USB 2.0 Hub and Audio, GCS1804 IOGEAR 2-Port KVMP Switch with USB 2.0 Hub and Audio, GCS1802
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Product Description

IOGear GCS1802 2-Port KVMP Switch with Display Emulation and cables, 2-port KVMP switch with stereo audio ports ,an integrated 2-port USB 2.0 hub, users can control two computers and share multiple USB peripherals from a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse console. It features the patented asynchronous switching, which allows the user to independently switch applications between the connected computers. You can run an application on one computer while running another application on the other, the integrated 2-port USB 2.0 hub is available for each computer to share multiple peripherals connected directly to the hub or via daisy chaining external powered USB 2.0 hubs. Access to such peripherals is performed on a one-at-a-time basis. Display emulation technology makes the switch intelligent to read and remember the monitor optimal display parameters and refresh rate. Finally, the audio ports allow for connecting powered PC speakers for stereo sound and a single microphone for audio input/output to each computer.

Product Features

  • Control 2 computers with one keyboard, mouse and monitor; USB or PS/2** mouse and keyboard peripherals
  • 2-Port VGA KVM with (OSD) On-Screen Display and Audio
  • 2-Port USB 2.0 Hub built in (USB Type-A)
  • Video resolution: 2048x1536
  • Switch between computers via push buttons, hotkeys and OSD
  • IOGEAR's patented DynaSync intelligently reads and remembers the monitor's settings (EDID) with no delay when switching

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