MiG Alley - PC

MiG Alley - PC

by Interplay
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Release Date1999-12-15
GenreAction Games
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Product Description

Set during the Korean War, MiG Alley is a release from Rowan Software, creators of Flying Corps. MiG Alley is an interactive campaign-based flight simulation, with the option of instant action in minicampaigns, single historical missions, and head-to-head play.

MiG Alley includes the world's first and largest jet-to-jet dogfights, with over 50 aircraft in the sky at any one time. And you can fly any of the following aircraft, all with accurate flight models: F86 Sabre (the ultimate dogfighter), F84 Thunderjet (long-range strike and escort jet), F80 Shooting Star (ground-attack and fighter-jet aircraft), P51 Mustang (classic World War II propeller aircraft, serving as a ground-attack aircraft), and MiG15 and MiG15 bis (the fighter that nearly drove the UN air force from Korean skies). Other aircraft appearing in the game include the B29 Super fortress, Meteor, F9 Panther, A1Skyraider, YAK piston-engine fighter, and many others.

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