Schizm: Mysterious Journey - PC

Schizm: Mysterious Journey - PC

by Dreamcatcher
Price: $19.95
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Release Date2001-10-18
GenreAdventure Games
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Product Description

Schizm: Mysterious Journey

is a thrilling first-person 3-D adventure game that will appeal to everyone from the novice to the experienced adventure gamer. A compelling, nonviolent story line, highly nonlinear gameplay, and incredible graphics combine with a mix of puzzles of varied type, including mechanical, logical, sound, and inventory based.

A fascinating adventure awaits players of Schizm: Mysterious Journey. It is the year 2083. Ten months ago, the first humans landed on Argilus. They found cities, towns, and industrial installations--all deserted. Doors unlocked, meals unfinished, strange machinery still operational... but no people. Scientists were brought in, research bases set up. Four months later, your supply ship has been sent to check on these bases. But when you hail them from orbit, there's no answer. The scientists, too, seem to have vanished. Now your systems are failing and you and your crewmate have no choice but to abandon ship. But where can you go? In Schism: Mysterious Journey, players explore the fascinating landscape in this unfolding story of an alien world filled with mystery and intrigue.

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