Soldner: Secret Wars - PC

Soldner: Secret Wars - PC

by Encore
Price: $25.93
* Price as of 2020-03-08 00:43 CET - Details
Release Date2004-06-22
GenreShooter Action Games
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Product Description

Soldner: Secret Wars takes multiplayer warfare to a higher level. Team-based combat may never be the same! It's 2010 and you're engaged in a multiplayer frag fest. Join up with a mercenary and jump into the hottest combat zone on Earth. The warzone is 2 million square miles wide, and populated with advanced weapons and vehicles. Rack up the kills and watch your enemies suffer, in epic wargaming!

Product Features

  • Super-realistic team-based tactical warfare game
  • Over 70 high-tech weapons
  • Over 70 military vehicles
  • Mission editor tools
  • For 1 to 32 players using LAN or internet

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