ARCTIC P12 Max - High-Performance 120 mm case Fan, PWM Controlled 200-3300 RPM, optimised for Static Pressure, 0dB Mode, Dual Ball Bearings - Black

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Product Features

  • DUAL BALL BEARINGS: The P12 Max offers a long service life, high performance and remarkably silent ball bearing. Fans with slide bearings do not have the physically related bearing noise. Therefore, the particularly quiet alternative is the ARCTIC P12 PWM PST
  • DESIGNED FOR PERFORMANCE: The ball bearings allow the P12 Max to operate 24/7, even at sustained high speeds, without compromising performance or increasing noise
  • WIDE RPM RANGE: Thanks to the 4-pin connector, the speed can be controlled via PWM. Below 5 % PWM the fan stands still, above 5 % it is infinitely variable between 200-3300 rpm
  • PROVEN FAN DESIGN: The closed ring fan wheel enables low-vibration rotation at high speeds and strong resistances while maintaining high static pressure
  • OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE: Most powerful 120 mm fan, 25 years of experience, direct customer support, many years of spare parts supply, CO2 neutral company
  • TECHNICAL DATA: Fan speed: 200-3300 rpm, Airflow: 81.04 cfm | 137.69 m³/h, Static pressure: 4.35 mm H2O, Noise level: 0.6 Sone

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