We review Samsung's flagship 840 Pro series solid state drive. Driven by Samsung's own triple-core MDX memory controller, equipped with Samsung's 21 nm MLC memory and Samsung DDR2 cache, 840 Pro 128GB promises sequential read and write speeds of up to 530 MB/s and 390 MB/s, respectively, as well as 97000 and 90000 IOPS random read and write performance. Samsung SSDs are known not only for their performance, but also for unmatched reliability. As a result, 840 Pro series models get 5 year warranty.

Samsung 840 Pro 128GB Review

Here's a review of another Deepcool cooler, Frostwin V2.0. It's quite a bit smaller than recently reviewed Neptwin, but still boasts dual tower design. Compared to Neptwin, Frostwin V2.0 features four direct contact heatpipes instead of six standard ones, and comes with round fans also used on Gammaxx S40.

Deepcool Frostwin V2.0 Review

We test Deepcool Neptwin CPU cooler, Deepcool's second largest cooler, being smaller only than Assassin. Neptwin features dual tower design, six 6 mm heatpipes and mirror finish copper base. Cooler is equipped with two 120 mm fans.

Deepcool Neptwin Review

We review Transcend's latest SATA3 SSD, Ultimate series SSD740 256GB. It is powered by JMicron's JMF667H memory controller and SanDisk's 19 nm MLC NAND memory. We put it through some synthetic benchmarks, as well as real world usage tests. SSD740 supports SATA DevSleep power saving feature, TRIM commands and error correction (ECC). Transcend promises 4K random read/write speed of up to 283/267 MB/s.

Transcend SSD740 256GB Review

Today we review Deepcool Gammaxx S40 budget CPU cooler. It is a compact 143 mm height tower type cooler with four 6 mm direct touch heatpipes that stands out with 120 mm bowl shaped black and blue fan. It is fully nickel plated which is unusual for budget coolers. Gammaxx S40 is targeted at under $30 price point.

Deepcool Gammaxx S40 Review Banner

Today we review Bitfenix's first silent PC case, the Bitfenix Ghost. It's a Mid Tower case equipped with Serenitek noise dampening material and two silent Bitfenix Spectre fan. Bitfenix Ghost is priced at around 90 EUR (100 USD) and features elegant design with reversible door and arch-like bottom part with support for Bitfenix Alchemy LED strips.

Bitfenix Ghost Intro

Today we review OCZ Vector 256 GB solid state drive. Vector series are the first OCZ SSDs to use their in-house controller by Indillinx, the Barefoot 3. Vector is equipped with Synchronous IMFT MLC NAND memory built on 25 nm technology process. OCZ boasts about Vector's endurance and sustained performance and has set warranty at 5 years.

OCZ Vector

Not long ago cooling experts from Japan Scythe introduced Ashura CPU cooler. It is a large, but thin, asymmetrical design cooler with a silent 140 mm GlideStream PWM fan and 6 heat pipes. Asymmetrical design means cooler's body is shifted away from center of base to improve compatibility with tall memory module heatspreaders used in enthusiast systems. Scythe Ashura costs about 45 EUR/55 USD.

Scythe Ashura Intro

SilverStone recently released Argon series CPU coolers. Argon series are simple design tower coolers with direct contact heat pipes and white/blue fans. Series consist of AR01 with 120 mm fan and three 8 mm heat pipes, AR02 with 92 mm fan and three 6 mm heat pipes and AR03 with 120 mm fan and six 6 mm heat pipes. Today we review SilverStone Argon AR01 CPU cooler, which is targeted at 35 EUR price tag.


Over a decade ago Chieftec released a case that conquered hearts of enthusiasts, gamers and especially modders. The Dragon. Completely unique design, great expandability and unlimited modding potential made this case a legend among modding community. Now, a decade later, we take a look at the Dragon reincarnated - Chieftec Dragon DX-02B. The case is targeted at 100 EUR price point. First thing to note is that the new Dragon DX-02B is a lot more like any other case out there. However, it still has some unique look features, found in the original Dragon.

Chieftec Dragon DX-02B Review Intro