This short guide includes a list of some of the most common graphics card manufacturers, popular international brands, as well as some smaller brands that might be unheard of in certain regions.2013-10-16-graphics-card-brands-manufacturers

Why is this list needed?

A few reasons. One is to give credit to manufacturers and other is to hopefully stop discrimination of certain lesser-known brands.

It's no secret that not every company that sells hardware is an actual manufacturer or designer of that hardware. Computer hardware companies can be put into three groups differing by amount of technical involvement in component production. These groups are original equipment manufacturers (OEMs or simply manufacturers), original design manufacturers (ODMs) and brands. OEMs manufacture and design for their clients and often for themselves as well. In short, OEMs make products from scratch, which are then sold under different brands, often including their own. ODMs are involved in manufacturing, however products are either designed by clients' specifications, demands and requirements or designed by their clients themselves and sold under client company brand. Different brands can have a different amount of involvement. They can either design their products or just take already designed and manufactured products and slap their stickers on. But for the most part, majority of brand's work includes marketing, logistics and distribution.

Now that we've discussed the reasons, let's move on to the list.