We review Transcend's latest SATA3 SSD, Ultimate series SSD740 256GB. It is powered by JMicron's JMF667H memory controller and SanDisk's 19 nm MLC NAND memory. We put it through some synthetic benchmarks, as well as real world usage tests. SSD740 supports SATA DevSleep power saving feature, TRIM commands and error correction (ECC). Transcend promises 4K random read/write speed of up to 283/267 MB/s.

Transcend SSD740 256GB Review


Model TS256GSSD740
Controller JMicron JMF667H

SanDisk 19 nm Synchronous MLC NAND

16 x 128 Gb (SDTNQGBMB-016GP)

Cache Samsung 256MB DDR3 1600 MHz (K4B2G1646E-BCK0)
Real capacity 238.47 GB
Format 2.5", 7 mm height
Max sequential read/write 530/470 MB/s
Max 4K random read/write  67880/65630 IOPS
TBW 77
Warranty 3 years