We review Samsung's flagship 840 Pro series solid state drive. Driven by Samsung's own triple-core MDX memory controller, equipped with Samsung's 21 nm MLC memory and Samsung DDR2 cache, 840 Pro 128GB promises sequential read and write speeds of up to 530 MB/s and 390 MB/s, respectively, as well as 97000 and 90000 IOPS random read and write performance. Samsung SSDs are known not only for their performance, but also for unmatched reliability. As a result, 840 Pro series models get 5 year warranty.

Samsung 840 Pro 128GB Review


Model MZ-7PD128
Controller Samsung MDX

Samsung 21 nm Toggle MLC NAND

Cache Samsung 256MB DDR2 1066MHz
Real capacity 119.24 GB
Format 2.5", 7mm height
Max sequential read/write 530/390 MB/s
Max 4K random read/write 97000/90000 IOPS
MTBF 1500000 hours
Warranty 5 years
Price $129.99