The Verdict



The Good:

  • Great performance
  • 5 year warranty
  • No overprovisioning
  • Data migration software included

The Bad:

  • None


In our real world benchmarks Samsung 840 Pro 128GB proved to be a lot faster than Transcend SSD720 128GB driven by SandForce SF-2281 controller and Toggle Mode MLC memory. This makes 840 Pro faster than any SandForce drive with MLC memory. Though it didn't match the performance of higher capacity drives, especially in write-heavy benchmarks. Those looking for maximum performance should be thinking about 256GB or higher capacity model. 840 Pro comes with 5 year warranty and failure rate reports show Samsung is still unmatched when it comes to reliability. Samsung Magician software is some of the best we've seen as well. It has nice design and provides exclusive features such as disk and OS optimization. 840 Pro doesn't have second level over-provisioning, which results in 7.45GB higher usable capacity than that of 120GB drives. Data migration software adds some value to the bundle. Speaking of value, Samsung 840 Pro 128GB is priced at around $129.99, which is a good price considering the performance, 5 year warranty and track record in reliability. 840 Pro might seem old and outdated, but Samsung doesn't have a replacement for its flagship yet. And as far as we can see, there's no need for one. Not until there's more serious competition at least.