Code: Realize Wintertide Miracles - PlayStation Vita

Code: Realize Wintertide Miracles - PlayStation Vita

by Aksys
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Release Date2019-02-14
PlatformPlayStation Vita
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Product Description

Made by the Masters of the Tome genre, idea factory and design factory, code: Realize ~wintertide miracles~ continues the adventures of the poison-skinned maiden Cardia and a selection of famous (and famously handsome) figures from Western literature as they face new challenges, new friends and foes, and new opportunities for love.

Product Features

  • Triangulate - experience the magic and chaos of a two-on-one date. Play with dynamics (and hearts) by bringing multiple members of lupin's gang on a wide variety of romantic romps.
  • Every end has a Beginning - learn more about the dashing detective her lock Sholmes and the mysterious Finis in the continuing sagas involving the newest men in the code Realize universe.
  • The (new) belle of the ball - cantarella, the mysterious young lady Cardia met during One of her many adventures, gets her turn in the spotlight.
  • The game is region free

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