Digital MP4 Video Recorder with HDMI Output + Micro SD Card Input + USB 2.0 Input

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Product Features

  • This stand alone digital video recorder allows users to record analog composite RCA video audio into digital MPEG4 file format and saved into a USB drive or micro SD/TF card of user choice
  • It is a full-featured stand alone digital video recorder with no computer hookup needed. Users can convert their old video tapes or camcorder tapes to digital format with just a click of the button
  • Smooth recoding speed at 9.3MB/mine or 0.56GB/hour. Support memory card and USB drive up to 64GB
  • This digital video recorder can record all analog video outputs from source such as DVD/VCR player, video camera, surveillance DVR, etc and save the recording into a micro SD card or USB drive of user's choice
  • [Note]: The maximum size of the micro SD card or TF card supported is 64GB and must be in FAT32 and NTFS format. exFAT format not supported
  • This video recorder is featured with a HDMI output so users can see what is being recorded from TV display or HDMI monitor or record what you are watching in real time with no lags
  • This analog video audio recorder provides users with easy solution for digitizing VHS tapes and other analog video contents into digital type
  • Users can play and record games full screen at the same time, preserving smooth gameplay
  • Game console with composite RCA A/V output such as PS2, PS3, Xbox one, Xbox 360 and Wii can be recorded through this device into the memory card
  • Once recording is completed, users can play back the recorded file on DVD player or computer or transfer recorded video files into computer for further editing and other post production works

Product Details

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