SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI VERSUS - 'Let's Get Physical' Limited Edition - PlayStation Vita

SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI VERSUS - 'Let's Get Physical' Limited Edition - PlayStation Vita

by Xseed
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Release Date2014-10-14
GenreFighting Action
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Product Description

The buxom shinobi of the SENRAN KAGURA universe return in a 3D brawler that's as over-the-top with its fighting mechanics as it is with its gratuitous depictions of female ninja in various forms of undress, indicating damage through clothing destruction. SHINOVI VERSUS tells of a grand clash among four rival ninja schools from each of their vantage points, featuring 20 playable shinobi among them, each with her own unique personality as well as fighting style and skills to master. Up to four players can battle online to determine which shinobi really deserves to be on top.

Product Features

  • 'Let's Get Physical' Limited Edition comes packaged with a soundtrack CD and a 'Shinobi Syllabus' containing profiles of the shinobi students, gameplay strategies, and illustrations
  • Fight with a team of buxom ninja girls in a 3D brawler containing massive mid-air combos, revealing cut-scenes and special Secret Ninja Art techniques, all while struggling to stay clothed as damage is depicted by the deterioration of each girl's outfit
  • Each of the 20 shinobi has her own unique weapon, techniques and special moves, while Ninja Arts can be harnessed to change costumes and power up in mid-battle
  • Each of the four rival shinobi schools takes a turn at the story narrative, providing background on motivations, relationships and hobbies, while the original Japanese voice-overs with English subtitles bring each girl's distinct personality to life
  • Up to four players can compete via ad hoc or online in one of three modes; classic Death Match, Strip Battle to unclothe your opponents, and Understorm, a race to grab the most falling undergarments from the sky

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