Star Trek - Legacy - PC

Star Trek - Legacy - PC

by Bethesda
Price: $19.99
* Price as of 2020-03-08 00:42 CET - Details
Release Date2006-12-05
GenreFantasy Strategy Games
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Product Description

An all new PC add on for Oblivion that features 5 to 10 hours of Gameplay. Begin a new quest for the legendary Crusader's Relics, found your own knightly order, and defeat an evil foe from the distant past.

Product Features

  • Epic game of Starfleet combat covering the entire Star Trek Universe
  • Become the Admiral and lead a fleet to victory in large-scale battles
  • Choose ships, equipment, and captains; 60+ ships and 4 races
  • Dynamic 3-D battlefields; detailed weapon effects and damage modeling
  • Single-player Federation campaign spanning 3 full epochs

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