Steelrising (PS5)

by Maximum Games
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Product Features

  • Preorder Steelrising and receive the Marie Antionette Cosmetics Pack and exclusive Beta access (end of August)
  • CHALLENGING COMBAT BETWEEN AUTOMATONS: String together dodges, parries, jumps and attacks to fight your way through Paris; Every fight tests your nerve and requires discipline, while the huge relentless machine bosses demand patience and skill
  • AEGIS: A CHARACTER WITH EXTRAORDINARY SKILLS: Define your style and upgrade your abilities as play as a ruthless warrior, hard-hitting bodyguard, deadly dancer or virtuoso of the elemental arts; Wide variety of weapons and skills available
  • REVOLUTIONARY PARIS IS YOUR PLAYGROUND: Using carriages, grapples, secret passages, a detailed map, and more that you find along the way, explore all the city's secrets across multiple levels
  • CHANGE THE COURSE OF HISTORY: You are one of the main characters of an alternative history; Allies and enemies with unclear motives will cross your path, and it's up to you to put an end to one man's madness so that the French Revolution succeeds

Product Details

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