The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie - PlayStation 5

by NIS America
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Product Features

  • A Trio of Trails: Experience three different story arcs and switch between them any time with the Crossroads system. Plus, discover side episodes to fully flesh out the characters and world of Zemuria.
  • Reverie into Reality: Enter the True Reverie Corridor, which allows you to encounter and recruit new characters from across Zemuria, enter randomly generated dungeons to test your mettle, and play a variety of mini games.
  • Paragons of Combat: Utilize Arts, Brave Orders, and cunning tactics to prevail in battle. Master the new United Front system and harness the power of your entire team to decimate enemies while empowering yourself.

Product Details

BrandNIS America
EAN 0810100861926
UPC 810100861926

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