Trinity Trigger - Day 1 Edition - PlayStation 5

by Xseed
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Product Features

  • Day 1 Edition includes: 100pg 5.25”x7.25” softcover artbook and 2-disc soundtrack packaged with the game in a custom box
  • Master the Weapons of the Gods: Solve puzzles and defeat enemies alone or with friends in local co-op as you traverse the dungeons of each Arma, towers made from the fallen weapons of the gods
  • Seek Out Trinitia’s Mysteries: Reveal hidden passages by exploring every last bit of Trinitia’s diverse biomes and chat with townsfolk for clues to uncover the heavily guarded secrets held in these forests, deserts, snowfields, and more
  • Change the Tide of Battle: Make expert use of the Weapon Wheel in battle to change between eight weapon types on the fly. Every enemy has a weakness; Finding and exploiting it is the key to victory
  • A Generational Role-Playing Epic: Trinity Trigger was inspired by the iconic RPGs of yesteryear, but its accessible and rewarding gameplay incorporates modern flourishes to make it an exciting new adventure for players of all ages

Product Details

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