XSPC Easy Cut & Bend Toolkit for XSPC PETG Tubing

XSPC Easy Cut & Bend Toolkit for XSPC PETG Tubing

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Product Description

XSPC PETG Tool Kit to bend and cut PETG tubing. Includes Heavy Duty Hose Cutter, PETG Easy Bending Tool, Bending Rubber, PETG Chamfer Tool, and PETG Edging Sandpaper. For use with XSPC branded PETG tubing. May not be compatible with other branded PETG products.

Product Features

  • Heavy Duty Hose Cutter - The heavy duty cutter can cut through PETG tubing as effortlessly as you would cut flexible PVC tubing. Easily cut PETG rigid tubing without the need for a saw.
  • PETG Easy Bending Tool - This tool allows you to easily bend PETG tubing at an angle between 0 and 180 degrees. Just heat the tubing with the bending rubber inserted, insert the tube into the tool and bend it to the required radius. This simple tool takes the guess work and difficulty out of bending rigid tube. (Suitable for 12-14mm outer diameter tubing)
  • Bending Rubber - Solid rubber extrusion for bending PETG tubing. Insert into the tube before bending, to stop the PETG tube kinking, or deforming. (Bending rubber diameter is 10mm)
  • PETG Chamfer Tool - Quickly chamfer the edges of PETG tubing by using this handy tool. Just insert the tubing and turn anticlockwise.
  • PETG Edging Sandpaper - Ideal for sanding the edges of PETG tubing, after using a chamfer tool.

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