Bowers & Wilkins FP31046 Mini Theatre M-1 Satellite Speaker (Each) - Matte Black

Bowers & Wilkins FP31046 Mini Theatre M-1 Satellite Speaker (Each) - Matte Black

by Bowers & Wilkins
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Bowers & Wilkins Mini Theatre M-1 Satellite Speaker (Each) - Matte White Bowers & Wilkins FP31046 Mini Theatre M-1 Satellite Speaker (Each) - Matte Black
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BrandBowers & Wilkins
Release Date2019-10-12
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Product Description

Don't be fooled by their small stature the Bowers and Wilkins M1 produces a sound far larger than their frame suggests Whether you're looking for a stereo pair a set of rear channels or a full surround system The M-1 is more than capable of meeting your needs In fact the Bowers & Wilkins Mini theatre utilizes five M-1 speakers aided only by the Asw608 subwoofer creating a breathtaking home theater experience that's perfect for rooms short on space And with optional floor stands and wall mounts The M-1 can adapt to even the most awkward of environments The smooth powerful M-1 satellite speaker can be used by itself with a subwoofer in a 2 1 system or as the backbone of the B&W Mini theatre systems Full range performance stunning accuracy and increased dispersion make this speaker a great value for the price Versatility aside the internals of Bowers and Wilkins M-1 are its greatest asset Both the high and low/mid-range drivers are equipped with features to eliminate unwanted noise so that their precision can shine The 1” metal dome tweeter is tube-loaded allowing it to pull unwanted sound radiation from behind the driver a design First used with the impeccable Nautilus tweeters found in Bowers & Wilkins most impressive offerings Not to be outdone an anti-resonance plug made of polymer foam acts as a sponge soaking up resonance to ensure crisp mid-range tones on clean bass The combination of these features grant the Bowers and Wilkins M-1 speaker a tremendous sound that's hard to believe comes from their soft-spoken silhouette

Product Features

  • Impressive sound impressive size
  • The Anywhere speaker Sleek and compact M-1 can be used on a shelf on its dedicated stands or Wall-Mounted using its swivelling 'foot'
  • Easy integration Use M-1 as a pair in a small room Add a subwoofer for more bass or build a mini theatre surround system
  • It's even a center speaker! A flexible design you can flip M-1 sideways to use as a center speaker and mount it below your screen
  • Available in a choice of Matte Black or matte white finishes its clamshell cabinet is formed from just two interlocking continuously curving sections So no hard lines to DISTRACT the eye

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