KDMPOWER MIPC-M7350C Micro ATX 350W Power Supply

KDMPOWER MIPC-M7350C Micro ATX 350W Power Supply

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Product Description

KDM specialized in ODM/OEM manufacturing and distributing quality power supplies at affordable prices! Features of this power supply: Over Current Protection (OCP) Over Voltage Protection (OVP) Under Voltage Protection (UVP) Short Circuit Protection (SCP) Over Power Protection (OPP) Under Load Protection (ULT). Our 350W Micro ATX Form Factor PSU comes with 1x 20+4Pins ATX Motherboard Connector, 1x ATX12V 4Pins CPU Connector, 2 x SATA Connectors, 3x Molex Connectors, and 1x Floppy Connector.

Product Features

  • KDMPOWER 350W MIPC-M7350C MICRO ATX Power Supply
  • Micro SFX power supplies are known mostly as a replacement power supply and can also be used for mini-ATX cases
  • 115V/230V switchable power supply (International compatible) Compatible with ATX 12V
  • 100% compatible with the following models: In-Win IP-P300BN1-0 Power Man Sparkle FSP FSP300-60GHS FSP270-50SNV FSP270-50SNVS FSP300-60GLS-MJR FSP300-60GHS-R FSP200-50SNV FSP300-60GNV FSP300-60GLS FSP300-62GL
  • Astec ATX202-3515 Bestec ATX-1523F ATX-1523D ATX-100-5 ATX-151 5184-2191 TTGI FP-250U Apex ALLIED AL-8250SFX AL-B200SFX Logisys PS350MA ISP 120SI AP-MP4ATX30

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