Zalman announced low profile CNPS2X CPU Cooler. The new CNPS series cooler is very compact and will fit in any Mini-ITX system. It is based on round design with single heatpipe and mirror-polished base.

Zalman CNPS2X

Zalman CNPS2X low profile cooler is made of copper and aluminum and uses round design with single S shaped 8 mm thick direct touch heatpipe that pass through copper fins. Cooler measures at 84 mm width and depth and is just 27 mm tall. It weighs 83 grams. Because of its very compact size, CNPS2X will fit into any Mini-ITX system.

Zalman CNPS2X has a 80 mm PWM fan with 11 semi-transparent blades that spins at between 1500-2600 RPM while making a 17.4-22.7 dBA noise.

Zalman CNPS2X CPU Cooler

CNPS2 cooler is capable of cooling processors with thermal dissipation of up to 120 W. It is compatible with Intel LGA 1155/1156/1150, 775 and all AMD sockets. This means Intel LGA 1366 and 2011 sockets are excluded. Zalman CNPS2X is priced at around 25€/30$ and is already available in stores.