Be quiet!, market leader with power supplies in Germany for seven consecutive years, introduces its brand new "Pure Power L8" power supplies. The new series ranging from 300 to 700 Watts offers unprecedented low noise levels in the entry market and takes recent customer needs into account, offering PCIe connectors already for the 300 Watt model.
Be Quiet! Puwer Power L8 Power Supply

Be quiet!'s Pure Power L8 with cable management is one of the most successful power supplies for the company. It offers a great set of features for a reasonable price. Now be quiet! decided to broaden this offer even more by releasing Pure Power L8 models in a version with fixed cables. Doing so, be quiet! is able to bring the fantastic feature set of these popular PSUs to an even lower price level.

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Power supplies that fit individual needs
As we learn to understand the consequences for our energy hunger during the last decades, the power supply market is changing. People want more efficient power supplies that fit their individual needs, don't waste energy and are capable of powering efficient pc systems with even two graphic cards. That's exactly the reason why be quiet! offers the new Pure Power L8 with a great connectivity even for the low wattage models: starting at 300 Watts there is a dedicated PCIe connector for graphics cards. At 400 Watts and above customers already get two connectors for performance GPUs or multi card systems with SLI or CrossFire.

It is also the first time for be quiet! to offer fully sleeved cables in the entry market. It is one of the features customers love about the be quiet! PSUs in the mid-range and high-end markets and so the company decided to bring it to Pure Power L8 as well. Of course the new power supply series is fully Intel Haswell compatible.

Incredible low noise levels in this segment
The German research & development team at be quiet! managed also to bring down the noise level even more, compared to the versions with detachable cables. The 300 Watt model only emits inaudible 16.6 dBA at full load. This comes from be quiet!'s patented fan technology, featuring an airflow optimized surface structure and individually tared out fan blades. Also every model has a unique curve of rotation speeds.

Through these changes be quiet! still sticks to great set of features like offering all possible protection circuits (OCP, OVP, OTP, OPP, SCP and UVP) or optimizing the power supply for electrical noises through additional components. They also offer fantastic efficiency levels with a 80PLUS Bronze certification and three years warranty.

New Pure Power L8 is available in Europe in 300, 350, 400, 500, 600 and 700 Watt versions. The recommended retail prices (including VAT) start at 45 Euro for the 300 Watt version to 89 Euro for 700 Watts. In the USA and Canada Pure Power L8 is available in 500, 600 and 700 Watt versions. The manufacturer's suggested retail prices are USD 75, 85 and 99.

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