Cooler Master introduced a new line of mainstream power supplies. The new G series PSUs, targeted at basic computing, are 80PLUS Bronze certified and feature single +12V output. Series consists of three models, with 500, 600 and 700 Watts capacities.

Cooler Master G Series Power Supplies

Cooler Master G700, G600 and G500 offer 660 W, 576 W and 456 W on +12V rail, respectively. G500 and G600 come with dual 6+2-pin PCI-E connectors, while G700 offers four of them. 700 W model also comes with nine SATA connectors, but 500 W and 600 W models are limited with six. PSUs feature fan with silent mode up to 70% load.

Cooler Master G Series power supplies are manufactured by Enhance Electronics, but no inside shots are given, so we can't tell which platform is used. Only known technical details are that G Series power supplies feature OVP (overvoltage) OCP (overcurrent) OPP (overpower) and SCP (short circuit) protections, as well as a dual EMI filter.

Being "green" units, G Series come in recycled paper packaging.

Prices might differ per region, but are estimated to be as following (including VAT):

Cooler Master G500 (RS-500-ACAA-B1) - 59.95 €

Cooler Master G600 (RS-600-ACAA-B1) - 69.95 €

Cooler Master G600 (RS-600-ACAA-B1) - 79.95 €

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