Deepcool unveiled three budget tower-type CPU coolers - G156, IceEdge 400 E and Ice Blade 100 FS. All three coolers feature core touch technology (CTT, Deepcool's name for direct contact heatpipes).

Deepcool IceEdge 400 E EliteDeepcool IceEdge 400 E Elite Heatsink

Deepcool IceEdge 400 E (E stands for Elite) is the largest of the three. It features staggered aluminum fin body and four CTT heatpipes. Cooler measures at 100 x 86 x 125.5 mm and weighs 475 grams. Ice Edge 400 Elite comes with 92 mm Hydro bearing fan running at a speed of 2200 RPM while generating 42.95 CFM airflow and 26.3 dBA noise. Cooler supports Intel (LGA1156/LGA1155/LGA1150/LGA775) and AMD (FM2/FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2/940/939/754) CPUs with TDP of up to 130 W.

Deepcool G156 Deepcool G156 CTT heatpipes

Next up is Deepcool G156 with three direct touch copper heatpipes and alternating aluminum fins. G156 measures at 103 x 75 x 130 mm and weighs 348 g. It comes with the same 92x92x25 mm hydro bearing fan as IceEdge 400 E and supports Intel and AMD sockets excluding LGA2011.

Deepcool Ice Blade 100 FS Deepcool Ice Blade 100 FS heatpipe

Finally, there's the simple and yet unique Ice Blade 100 FS with single 8 mm direct contact copper heatpipe. Standing at 119 x 71 x 121 mm (including fan) and weighing 268 grams, Ice Blade 100 FS supports Intel and AMD CPUs with TDP of up to 100 W. This completely excludes LGA1366 and LGA2011 sockets. Cooler is equipped with 80 x 80 x 25 mm Hydro bearing fan spinning at 2200 RPM with airflow and noise ratings of 25.13 CFM and 24.7 dBA, respectively.

Price and availability is not yet announced.