The world-renowned motherboard manufacturer MSI announced that its full line of FM2 series motherboards support AMD's 3rd GENERATION APU processors. MSI cooperated with AMD and became the first to pass all verifications and tests even before the announcement of the new APUs. That's why MSI's FM2 series motherboard (A85X, A75 and A55) users will be able to enjoy the excellent performance brought by the new processor simply by updating the BIOS and drivers through MSI's official website!


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The all new A10-6800K has outstanding CPU performance and 3D gaming capabilities as powerful as using independent graphics cards! When used with MSI's FM2 series motherboards, it can unleash superior performance through MSI's exclusive one second overclocking technology, OC Genie II. It only requires one action to overclock the CPU and the frequency of the built-in GPU. OC Genie II can increase the performance by 13%*.

The Best FM2 motherboard - MSI FM2-A85XA-G65
Thanks to the DigitALL Power design and Military Class III components, MSI's FM2-A85XA-G65 is an excellent companion for AMD's new series of APUs as it combines great features with a keen eye on game performance. With the push of a button, OC Genie II will boost your entire system's performance. Graphics performance is boosted with both AMD CrossFire and Dual Graphics.

For more information, please visit MSI FM2 website:

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