Prolimatech Basic 45Premium cooling solution manufacturer Prolimatech launched Basic series CPU coolers. Coming in five models, Basic series, in contrast to Prolimatech's premium lineup, target low cost CPU cooler market.

Starting from the bottom, there's Basic 45 tower type cooler with two 6 mm copper heat pipes, aluminum fin body and copper base. It comes with 92 mm hydro dynamic bearing fan spinning at 1000-2000 RPM. Cooler measures at 100 x 55 x 125 mm and weighs 288 g. Basic 45 supports Intel LGA 1150/1155/1156 and AMD AM2/3, FM1/2 sockets. Moving up, Prolimatech Basic 48 comes with identical dimensions, fan and socket support, but has three nickel-plated copper heat pipes instead of two exposed copper heat pipes. Basic 48 weighs 309 g.

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Prolimatech Basic 48 Prolimatech Basic 65

Prolimatech Basic 65 comes with 120 x 120 x 25 mm double ball bearing fan running between 600 and 1600 RPM. Basic 65 has three nickel-plated 6mm copper heat pipes and nickel-plated copper base. Heatsink measures at 130 x 50 x 148 mm and weighs 465 g. Aluminum fins are similar to those found on Prolimatech Panther. CPU socket support remains the same as on lower class models. Basic 68 heatsink seems to be a rebranded Panther heatsink. Standing at 130 x 50 x 158 mm and weighing 512 g, Basic 68 has interlaced aluminum fin body and four 6 mm nickel-plated copper heat pipes connected to a thin nickel-plated copper base. It comes with 120 mm double bearing fan. Apart from CPU sockets mentioned above, Basic 68 also supports Intel's high-end LGA 2011.

Prolimatech Basic 68 Prolimatech Basic 81

Finally, Prolimatech Basic 81 is near-identical to the legendary Megahalems, however, instead of nickel-plated base, Basic 81 has an exposed copper base. Everything else remains the same. Six 6 mm heat pipes and a thick dual tower aluminum fin body. Basic 81 heatsink weighs 781 g and has dimensions of 130 x 75 x 158 mm. It's equipped with 120 mm double bearing fan.

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