Amid the heaps of Z87 chipset motherboards which have already been around for a while, there can only be one that rises from the top with its delicacy and perfection. The long wait has ended, here comes the king of all Intel 8 Series motherboards. All hail ASRock Z87 Extreme11/ac, the most high end Z87 motherboard on the face of earth!

ASRock Z87 Extreme11/ac

Antec announced P100 stylish and silent mid-tower ATX case featuring Performance One series design and noise reduction technologies. Case boasts "Smart Cooling Solution" (S.C.S.) technology allowing up to 5 fans to be installed and comes with two silent 120 mm fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) fans pre-installed. Side panels are covered with sound dampening foam.

Antec P100 Antec P100 Interior

Team Group Dark L3 SSDTeam Group launched Dark L3 series SATA3 SSDs driven by PHISON-made controller. Dark L3 solid state drives offer maximum read speeds of 550 MB/s and write speeds of up to 500 MB/s. Team promises 4K random read and write performance of up to 35000 IOPS and 50000 IOPS, respectively. All of that is achieved with Phison PS3108-S8 memory controller. Series drives are of 7 mm height and 2.5" format. Dark L3 SSDs come in 60 GB, 120 GB and 240 GB capacities. Drives have a MTBF of 1500000 hours and 3-year warranty.

AMD Radeon R9 270 ReferenceAMD launches Radeon R9 270 graphics card at sub-200 USD price point. Featuring Curacao graphics processing unit in PRO configuration, R9 270 boasts 1280 stream processors, 80 texture mounting units (TMUs) and 32 ROPs.

Sharkoon Technologies announced Bulldozer BD28 mid-tower ATX case. Featuring unique aggressive front panel design and acrylic side panel window, Bulldozer comes in three color options: blue, red and toxic green. Colored elements include motherboard tray, front and rear LED fans, as well as power LEDs. All other parts of the case are black.

Sharkoon Bulldozer GreenSharkoon Bulldozer BlueSharkoon Bulldozer Red

French hardware website posted PC hardware failure rates. Data is taken from one large French e-tailer. This time statistics include hardware sold between 2012 October 1st and 2013 April 1st and returned before October 2013.

Gigabyte added GeForce GTX 780 GHz Edition WindForce 3X 450W (GV-N780GHZ-3GD) graphics card to their website. The card features non-reference design dual-slot WindForce 3X 450W cooler with two aluminum fin arrays connected by two 8 mm and four 6 mm copper heat pipes and ventilated by three inclined fans. Card has backplate for protection.

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 780 GHz WindForce 450W


PowerColor Radeon R9 290 OCTUL Corporation, a leading manufacturer of AMD graphic cards, today add other choice into R9 series for hardcore gamers, the PowerColor R9 290 OC. Based on brand new “Hawaii” GPU, the R9 290 offers gamers latest DirectX® 11.2 support, delivering fierce performance and revolutionary intelligence. Meanwhile, users are available to experience 4K ultra resolution gaming now without sacrificing a single detail.

Engineer at Intel, Francois Piednoel tweeted on his Twitter account a small survey asking his followers whether they would buy a 12-core Extreme Edition i7 processor.

Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition 12-core CPU

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 TiNVIDIA's AIB partner Galaxy leaked a product sheet of GeForce GTX 780 Ti graphics card. According to that leaked spec sheet, GTX 780 Ti comes with fully unlocked GK110 graphics processing unit.