Raijintek is a newcomer in PC cooling business. A few photos of first Raijintek's coolers have been posted on the internet. So far 4 coolers are known. Specifications are not known yet, so we'll just have to comment of the photos.

All 4 coolers are of standard tower-type, composed of aluminum fins and copper heatpipes.

First there's Raijintek Themis. A slim tower cooler with three exposed copper heatpipes and a thin base. Overall it looks quite similar to SilverStone Argon AR01 we reviewed not long ago. It even looks as if it's going to use rubber mounts similar to those used on AR01. Themis has some nice flame-like bends in the center.

Then there's Themis Evo, a much bigger and aggressive looking cooler. It has four nickel-plated heatpipes and a much thicker aluminum fin array. Those flamy bends remain and are much deeper here, which makes this cooler look very aggressive. Like Themis, Themis Evo also supports dual fan mounts.

Raijintek Themis Raijintek Themis Evo

Moving on, there's a mix of Themis and Themis Evo - Raijintek Aidos. It is a medium thickness heatsink with four copper heatpipes. Finally we have Ereboss. A huge cubic cooler with six heatpipes. Ereboss is without a doubt capable of passive cooling even the hottest chips. Like all others, it also supports dual fan mounting.

Raijintek Aidos Raijintek Ereboss

Raijintek cooler lineup seems to be targeting gamers and overclockers. They look quite aggressive, but not too unique among all others in cooling business, so the question whether they'll manage to overcome competitors remains to be answered.

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