In IT market Raijintek is a brand new name created by the main part of Xigmatek and Cooler Master team, designed in Germany and made in Taiwan. Caseking GmbH - main distributor of Raijintek products, would like to introduce you first three, which are high-end CPU coolers named Aidos, Themis and Ereboss. Names come from Ancient Greek: Aidos was the Greek goddness of shame, modesty and humility; Themis was embodient of divine order, law and custom. Last one, Erebos, conceived as a primordial deity, representing the personification of darkness. As Raijintek's slogan says, they "Creating Passion", products are dedicated to users looking for high quality, performance and efficiency. In the foreseeable future, manufacturer will give us many more projects as power supplies and chassis.

Raijintek AidosRaijintek ThemisRaijintek Ereboss

The Aidos is a compact size cooler manufactured by several patents to reach advanced performance, quality and evironmental protection. Designed to fit the most common chipsets, the Aidos is a great entry level cooler hitting stunning price points. The cooler uses a non-copper base design (C.D.C - CPU Direct Contact) along with special patented heat-pipe / fin technology to prevent heat-pipe damage risk. It also uses patented solder-less louver fin assembly for extra heat-pipe ventilation. Suggested retail price is 16,90 € incl. VAT

The Themis CPU cooler is a compact cooler very similar to the Aidos but with a larger 120mm surface area to disperse even more heat produced by the processor. The cooler uses the same patented technology, non-copper base design (C.D.C - CPU Direct Contact) along with special patented heat-pipe / fin technology and solder-less louver fin assembly for extra heat-pipe ventilation with the majority of the CPU socket types. Suggested retail price is 23,90 € incl. VAT.

The Ereboss cooler really is a beast when it comes to the cooling department. This is Raijintek's flagship cooler and it's packed with features to ensure a cool, high performance system. 6mm Heat-pipes along with ultra large dissipating fins ensure the CPU heat gets withdrawn as efficiently as possible. The cooler uses the world top type 14013 fan, 140mm area with 13mm thickness a more compact size but still with extreme performance. Patented holes on the fins provide excellent airflow and even better cooling efficiency. The cooler comes with dual fans and is also compatible with most of the CPU sockets. Suggested retail price is 34,90 € incl. VAT.

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