Raijintek NEMESISRaijintek is preparing an addition to its CPU cooling lineup, a high-end dual tower NEMESIS CPU cooler. It's a large asymmetrical design dual tower cooler with five 8 mm heatpipes. The two aluminum fin arrays are completely different, one being a slimmer array of aluminum fins with rounder corners and wavy edges, and other being a thicker rectangle with solid sides and shark teeth fins.

Cooler has a mirror finish nickel-plated base. NEMESIS is equipped with two 140 x 140 x 25 mm fans and supports a third fan, by the looks of it. Fans are mounted using anti-vibrational mounting pads. NEMESIS will come in three versions: fully nickel-plated, golden color coated and basic with exposed aluminum fins and copper heatpipes. Price is set at 59.99€ including VAT, most likely for the nickel-plated version.

Raijintek NEMESIS Side Raijintek NEMESIS Base Raijintek Nemesis Basic


  • H.D.T. (Heat-pipe direct touch) technology.
  • Double layer HDT & Double performance.
  • Plating Black-Nickel on whole body.
  • 4pcs Φ8mm high performance heat-pipes.
  • 2 fin type combination provides efficient air flow.
  • Passive cooler design with option of fan installed.
  • Ready for Intel Core i7 CPU.
  • Spring-Screw + Universal (LGA775/1366) Back plate.

Here's what Raijintek has to say about the cooler:

NEMESIS, angel of Revenge, a Dual-tower heatsink with extremely performing 140 x 25 mm fans, top high-end CPU cooler for people who are seeking the best cooling partner for super overclocking. NEMESIS, designed in Germany and provides users an awesome performance. The gorgeous combination design for Dual-towers, 2*140 x 25 mm fans pre-installed, patented copper base. NEMESIS can dissipate over 350W easily. With multiple mounting kits, giant dissipating fin area and 100% heat-sink nickel; NEMESIS - your awesome Cooler for your CPU and extreme overclocking.
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