HardwareZone leaked some photos of MSI's upcoming overclocking-oriented GeForce GTX 780 Lightning graphics card. Featuring brand new TriFrozr cooling, triple BIOS and beefy PCB with high quality components, GTX 780 Lightning is set to break new OC records.

MSI GTX 780 Lightning

For the first time ever, MSI used a triple fan solution on their card. Two aluminum fin arrays are connected with seven 8 mm heatpipes and cooled by three propeller blade fans - one 70 mm in the center and two 100 mm on the sides. On the back card has a backplate with Lightning branding.

GTX 780 Lightning Backplate MSI GTX 780 Lightning VRM

Power delivery is made up of 20 phases with International Rectifier PowIRStage voltage regulator, International Rectifier DirectFET MOSFETs and tantalum capacitors. Power is drawn through two 8-pin connectors. MSI's GPU Reactor is present as well.

MSI GTX 780 Lightning is equipped with three BIOS chips, one of which contains BIOS for overclocking using liquid nitrogen cooling. MSI Lightning graphics cards broke quite a few overclocking records in the past and GTX 780 version is looking to do the same.

MSI was expected to release GeForce GTX 780 Lightning on August 7, 2013, but the release has been delayed.

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