A Closer Look

Frostwin V2.0 is quite a plain looking dual tower CPU cooler, except for dual tower design and round fans. The fans are of 120 mm format in one side and 92 mm on the other. Fans use 92 mm mounting hole. Third fan can be installed. Aluminum fins have some indents and extrusions. Just like Neptwin, all aluminum fins have Deepcool's logo on. Copper heatpipes stick out through the top. Since fins are quite thin, they bend easily. You can see a few bent fins on the top in the right photo below.

Deepcool Frostwin V2.0 Deepcool Frostwin V2.0 Heatsink

Frostwin V2.0 is of 151 mm height, which, while not exactly compact, is still somewhat shorter than most coolers with 120 mm usually standing at 155-160 mm. This should allow it to fit in narrow cases. Heatsink's sides are fully open.

Front Side

Deepcool Frostwin V2.0 has four U-shape 6 mm direct touch heatpipes. Aluminum fins are press-fit on the heatpipes. Small cuts on the sides of aluminum fins indicate that third fan can be installed.

Deepcool Frostwin V2.0 Base


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